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How to Put a Unique Twist on Your Everyday Jewellery

17 Apr 2019

When it comes to everyday jewellery, you have two main types. There’s the everyday jewellery you put on without really thinking about it. And then there’s the everyday jewellery that’s so compatible with your personality and style that you just can’t live without it. What makes the can’t-live-without-it jewellery so compelling is its unique twist, with eye-catching designs and unexpected details that always gets a second look. That’s precisely what you’ll find with these excellent pieces from APM Monaco.

Dinosaur Earrings

For a ferociously fashionable look, try the absolutely adorable dinosaur earrings on for size. Officially known as the Asymmetric Yellow Silver Small Earring Set with Green Rexy, this pair of perky earrings features a T-Rex dangling delightfully from one of the hoops. The dinosaur is done up in micropave with green cubic zirconia. Hoops are sterling silver in yellow.

Lucky Eye Ring

All eyes will be on you when you’re wearing the Silver Pop Lucky Eye Ring. A lucky eye takes centre stage in this enchanting ring, which is crafted in sterling silver with dazzling highlights in just the right places. The dazzle comes from micropave with zirconia stones, which make a brilliant statement along the bottom eyelashes, around the eye and on the eyeball itself.

Sacred Snake Bracelet

Slither into something sexy and stunning with the APM Monaco sacred snake bracelet. This Yellow Silver Uraeus Bracelet features a synthetic red stone as the boldly beautiful eyes of the sacred serpent. The bracelet is made out of sterling silver in yellow, boasting a snakeskin pattern along the entire length of the wrap-around design. The snakehead and bands feature micropave with zirconia stones, adding one more dash of excitement and class to the altogether awe-inspiring piece.

For even more unique everyday jewellery options, head over to APM Monaco in MacArthur Central today.