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The Best Nail Finish For You

06 Apr 2016

The Best Nail Finish For You

Which colours are in fashion this year?

Let your light shine baby, because bright meets bold and there's no shying away! This Autumn, popular colours include: burgundy, dark navy, warm beige, baby pink, green, nude, charcoal grey, brown, classic red, and metallic and dark colours with hints of glitter.

Hottest nail shapes?

Nguyen believes "the classic natural, sharp square-round style is most popular", but there are a few clients who request either the long claw sharper nails or the sharper coffin nails. When it comes to both style and practicality, the sharp square-round nail is your best bet.

Best brands?

Whether you get a manicure, an acrylic set or shellac done, chipping, weak polish and growing poor nail beds underneath, are partial indicators that the salon you've visited are not providing a professional service nor using a premium-quality brand. As shellac is very popular, Liquid Nail Bar ensure only the best care by using these top-notch brands: CND (Creative Nail Design), Perfect Match, Gel 2 and DND. CND Shellac specifically, "is the global leader in professional nail, hand and foot beauty", promising an exceptional 14+ day nail colour that's fast-drying and proves a superior top coat.

Why are products like SnS beneficial for your nails?

More recently, Liquid Nail Bar have introduced SNS (Signature Nail Systems), the healthy alternative to acrylics and gel, where no liquid, odour or UV light is required. Unlike competitors, SnS uses a brush-on gel base on top of the nail, and is afterwards dipped into a nail-strengthening powder which contains vitamins. The end result is both natural-looking and stronger than acrylic, shellac or gels, yet it weighs a lot less on your nails. SnS is particularly special also, because not only does it ensure an outstanding polish, but it also provides vitamins and calcium for assisting your nails to grow out stronger. And you'll surely find the right colour to dip in at Liquid Nail Bar, as they presently offer over 70+ colours to choose from. 

How do I care for my nails after I leave the salon? 

If you'd rather have a plain polish manicure instead of gel or shellac, then beware of bumps and knocks on your way out. It's better to get comfortable and take your time in the salon as your nails properly dry. On the other hand, if you opt for gel which dehydrates your nail beds, then you must ensure your nails are kept hydrated by simply soaking them in Vitamin E oil prior to your gel manicure and after it's removed. And regardless of having polish or not, it's highly recommended that you apply cuticle oil every day for achieving greater nail health - particularly important for those who have their nails done frequently.

To nail your look this season, pop into Liquid Nail Bar, open from 10am everyday on Lower Ground Level, with a wide list of stellar services from acrylic nails to pamper packages, or in the meantime - get inspired with your daily fix of nail inspiration.